This is the 9th grade class "Art Appreciation" required for graduation.  It lasts one marking period and is paired with "Music Appreciation."


This is a moodle for Mrs. King's art classes. 

Music humanities is the study of music in our culture and the music of other cultures as well as the in depth study of Jazz music history.  This course must be passed successfully and is a requirement for graduation. 

This is an extension of Theory I.

Voice Class is a study of the human voice as well as study selected standard repertoire that reflects the 6 eras of muisc history.  Solo singing is required as well as being a member of the Concert Choir. 

This is a continuation of Voice Class I.  The class will include self-guided study for much of the semester with the culmination of the class being a student generated recital.

Music History is a study of the 6 eras of music history. This course is both reading intensive and writing intensive.