Algebra II is a second year of the concepts and structure of Algebra.  The course provides students with a more in-depth investigation of several Algebra I topics including the expansion of the real number system, rational expressions, polynomials, factoring, and linear equations.  An Algebra II student will also participate in a comprehensive study of several new Algebra topics including linear functions, relations, irrational and complex numbers, quadratic equations and functions, and variation.  Students are expected to communicate mathematical concepts and processes using written communication.  Algebra II is a writing course.

Applied Algebra II will give the student a strong foundation in these topics:  systems of equations and inequalities, exponents, exponential functions, polynomials and factoring, quadratic equations and functions, radical expressions and equations, and rational expressions and functions.

AP Calculus is a course offered to students who have a 90 average and teacher recommendations on the pre-requisite courses (Pre-Calculus and Algebra III).  This course is designed for the highly motivated student with outstanding mathematical aptitude.  Students will be expected to work at the college level in analytic geometry and calculus in preparation for the Advanced Placement Examination in May.  If the student does not take the AP exam, the AP designation will be removed from the student's transcript.