Honors Geometry is a more intensive and fast paced version of Geometry.  We will explore all the same topics as Geometry, but in more depth and take on some more challenging tasks.  These topics include quadrilaterals, three dimensional figures, circles, area, volume, various topics involvign triangles, and much more.  All of these topics branch from the building blocks of geomtry: points, lines, and planes.
PCET is a course designed to better prepare the student for taking the Math section on the SAT.  It involves practicing problems that will be on the Math section as well as test taking strategies and more.
As Trigonometry is the study of triangles, this course is designed to incorporate the many functions of Trigonometry to aid the student in a path after high school; whether it be a form of post-graduate education or straight to employment.
Algebra I is a full year course in which the students will learn Chapters 1 through 10 as well as a short review of fractions, decimals, and percents in the beginning to solidfy their pre-algebra base before launching them into Algebra.